The Indian Student Club is a group of graduate and undergraduate students of Indian origin studying at California State University, Fresno. The purpose of this organisation is to create a strong sense of unity and belonging among the Indian community at Fresno State, and to be a bridge to other communities on the campus. The organisation wishes, through its various activities to cherish the Indian culture and values, and at the same time to respect other cultures. The club seeks to provide information on the social and cultural aspects of India, to the University communities. It also wishes to provide information on professional and career opportunity.

The day-to-day functions of the association is managed by a group of "volunteers."  Our activities range from organizing Indian festivals like "Holi" and "Diwali" to organizing camping trips and picnics. Every semester, we host a party to welcome the new members of the Indian Student Club. ISC also actively takes part in the events of Fresno State. Check out our gallery to learn more about what ISC has recently been doing.

We also aim to support the students who are arriving at Fresno with pick up and temporary accommodation services. We provide them a helping hand till they settle down in Fresno.

Browse through our site to learn more about us! Leave us a message at the 'Contact Us' page, and we will get back to you.